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Child's Pose: FeetUp Yoga Basics for Balasana

Child's pose is perfect when you need a little "me time" throughout the day. Balasana invites us to put our heads down to check in whenever things get a little wild! Here is everything you need to know to enjoy child's pose with your FeetUp Trainer.
8 Sculpting Exercises to Tone and Shape Your Glutes

Tone and Shape Your Glutes With These 8 Butt Sculpting Exercises

Get ready to kick your own butt into gear! Grab your FeetUp Trainer (and a set of resistance bands) and check out these 8 great exercises that shape and tone your glutes.
hardcore exercises for hard core strength

Hardcore Exercises for Hard Core Strength

Building healthy core strength is a marathon, not a sprint. Big thanks to James Fowler for sharing his favorite FeetUp Trainer core strength exercises!
Better Forward Folds in 3 Easy Steps

Better Forward Folds in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to better forward folds: deep ≠ good. Want for more freedom and less soreness in your lower back? Grab a set of FeetUp Cork Blocks and practice these 3 easy tips for better forward folds in your yoga practice.